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Fake Designer Jewelry Alert

June 20, 2010
Fake Napier Charm Bracelets

Hattie Carnegie Critter Figural Pins

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Another Miriam Haskell Fraudster on eBay

Sunday, Jan. 18, 2009 Miriam Haskell Fakes: Can you tell the difference?

Warning: December 10 2008 Staret brooch being auctioned
by antiqueswelove using pictures from another site.

Warning, November 25, 2008
Update: Australian Haskell Fraudster now selling "saphiret" jewelry

Warnings: November 9, 2008

This common tasseled bangle is NOT Haskell

Fake Chanel with 1981 hang tags ebay seller princapeshia

New Warnings August, 2008

More Miriam Haskell Fakes ebay seller princapeshia

Selling homemade signatures welded onto unsigned costume jewelry
and other junk

Old warnings
Some of these warnings, though old, include good advice
about how to buy online safely

Seller Sells Aunt's Collection on eBay Without Permission

Fake Trifari Heron/Stork Sold for $799

Fake Miriam Haskell

Fake Weiss, Eisenberg & Lisner on eBay

Czech Uglies

Dear Vintage Costume Jewelry Friends,

By this page we hope to provide you with news on fake designer jewelry currently offered at online auctions, mainly eBay. Some of this jewelry has trickled down to flea markets and antique malls as well. We will name some of the dealers who knowingly persist in offering unauthorized reproductions posing as designer jewelry. Dealers, please check your stock for fakes. We also hope to inform you of other online vintage jewelry scams. Here is a helpful site for reAlso see our Jewelry Education Information Page for access to a number of fakes pages as well as sites with information about true vintage jewelry. If you have a scam to report, please write and let us know. You can also learn to avoid internet auction scams at the FBI internet complaint page

Fake Saphiret Jewelry

From time to time, dealers offer old stock of saphiret -like stones called "sappharines," made in mid-century Germany. The sappharines were used by Whiting & Davis , Weiss, Hobe, and other design houses during the 50s and 60s and, along with Saphirets, the true antique Czech glass, are treasured by collectors. But an unscrupulous seller, like the one below takes removes old stones and installs saphirets or sappharines in their place. The final result is offered on eBay, and perhaps elsewhere as OUTSTANDING VINTAGE SAPHIRET BROOCH, gleaning hundreds of dollars a shot. The seller does not inform customers that the original stones of the brooch were removed and sappharines glued or prong set into place.

This is not ethical because the seller has not described the jewelry as having the stones replaced by sappharines. But if the seller were honest, there would be fewer bidders and the price realized would be less. But this seller is so greedy, truth is not an option.

Note: Auctions are all private. When buying costume jewelry, check seller feedback. If all or most of the auctions are "private," be warned that the seller does not want prospective buyers to look back through feedback to see exactly how many of the same supposedly "rare" items have been sold.

Update: June 20, 2010

Napier charm bracelets are much beloved by collectors, but hard to find. Hence, prices have gone sky high, so we must know the rules of costume jewelry collecting in this day and age: When prices get high, fakes swiftly follow. A dealer who knows Napier bracelets has prepared this tutorial for collectors: read before you buy!

Napier Charm Bracelets: Don't Fall Victim

Also, to be aware of: Hattie Carnegie colorful figurals of creatures and fantasy creatures: Fakes Fakes Fakes. If you've noticed the sudden flood on the market of these little critters, be aware that fakes are being sold brand new at antiques fairs.

Update: March 11, 2009

A new Miriam Haskell fakesterette has been overturned squirming in the mud of ebay Haskell fakes. If you have bid on and won any "Miriam Haskell" jewelry from ebay seller t1bear1 out of NY, you have most certainly have bought a fake. All perusal of her past and present eBay auction listings are, according to a Haskell expert, a bunch of crap. Yes, all of it is fake.

Take a look and see for yourself at one of t1bear1 's many Haskell auctions, Item#130288760665,

Massive Vintage Signed Miriam Haskell Coral Necklace NR

In this necklace, there is a simple spring ring with an attached hangtag. By the time Haskell got around to signing her jewelry, the simple spring ring clasp (no thumb-thingy) was gone, but the rope style (a single long strand of beads) necklaces made by Haskell continued to use the updated spring-ring. Ropes were signed with a Haskell oval hangtag. Ones from the early 1950s were erratically marked; in addition, it was easy for the hangtag to fall off. Thus, a buyer should use other design elements in assessing a Haskell of this style. Other than ropes, I am not aware of Haskell using the spring-ring clasp during its signed period.
Cathy Gordon, co-author of Miriam Haskell Jewelry.

....bright gold findings, a filigree that doesn't seem to quite match, attachments between top and bottom motifs are incorrect (and more). It is pretty darn rare to find a vintage Haskell with findings in a bright gold. First, there is a specific shade achieved by their dipping process (called Russian gold). Haskell gold filigree colors aren't always consistent, but bright gold was never a color you will find....

......Cathy Gordon

The presence of glue on Miriam Haskell jewelry except in certain rhinestone pieces, is an indication that it is not genuine. And how about those beads with holes but no headpins?

Look at t1bear1 's past auctions in the ebay search engine, then look at the Haskell auctions in t1bear1 's feedback that can still be seen. My prediction is that very shortly, t1bear1 will make her auctions private. However, I have saved many of them.

But if you get to the auctions in time, compare them to genuine signed and unsigned Haskell on Cathy Gordon's educational pages.

Rebecca Fransway
March 11, 2009

Update: Jan 18 2009

We now offer the link to an album page, Miriam Haskell Fakes, courtesy of Cathy Gordon, co-author of Miriam Haskell Jewelry which you can find at such as Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and your local bookstore. Ms. Gordon is considered an authority of Miriam Haskell jewelry. The photos are from an evaluation she did for a buyer who wanted to get her money back after buying fake Miriam Haskell. The pictures of the fakes are interspersed with correct Haskell as examples. More may be forthcoming. We hope this small tutorial will be helpful in helping buyers to distinguish fakes from genuine Haskell. In addition, Cathy has a large image event Haskell section showing genuine designs and offering closeups of findings, wiring used and other elements of signed and unsigned Haskell.

Miriam Haskell Fakes

Update: Dec. 10 2008

A person using the ebay username antiqueswelove just sold a Staret brooch in auction
# 270312232779. What's wrong with that? Only two feedbacks from long ago, and pictures taken directly from another web site on a gallery page, number #S19071 This piece is so rare that it is doubtful the seller even has the same piece. But if s/he actually has the piece, s/he needs to take her own pictures to be believable.

Never bid on rare jewelry from a seller with a low number of feedbacks. If you win, it will be like sending your money up front to an absolute stranger in hope you'll get what you bid on. Beware especially if the jewelry never comes and the seller tries to string you along until it's too late to get your money back from Paypal. YOU CAN'T always get your money back from Paypal, especially if the seller has had time for Paypal to release the money.

We noticed this kind of behavior before by another seller who held BIN style listings of rare jewelry with pictures taken from websites. The owners of the sites reported to eBay to no avail. Most of the listings were allowed to run their course before the seller disappeared.

During this holiday season, many new and untried users are bidding on scarce or rare jewelry from sellers they don't know. Fraudsters are running rampant on eBay. Stay away from Miriam Haskell, Bakelite, Chanel and old signed classics like the Staret brooch unless the seller has an established reputation and you know what you are doing.

Update: Nov. 25, 2008

A known fraudster from Australia is now back selling not only very gaudy fake Haskell, but also a large amount of saphiret jewelry that is suspected as being fake vintage. Her new user name is last_empire and her eBay store name is Vintage Vogue 2009. To read about the fake Haskell she made and sold under user name Shera_Jewels and Jewel_Gate, see our article here.

Update Feb. 22. 2009

Here is a partial history of her user names. She is now operating as red carpet 1940

See some of the fake Haskell now selling or recently having been sold by the former Shera_Jewels as last_empire from her ebay store Vintage Vogue 2009:

Fake Haskell:


Beautiful, isn't it? This jewelry maker could probably make a name for herself by honestly claiming her own designs. But this necklace is NOT Miriam Haskell.

There are plenty of signs that this seller is a fraudster without you having to read it here:

Seller holds private auctions so her repeats can't be checked and so her buyers can't be contacted and so any possible shill bidding is disguised.

Seller offers WAY TOO MANY listings of Haskell, saphiret jewelry and other very scarce items. Please be aware that saphirets or stones like them can occasionally be purchased on ebay and from vintage bead sellers, and they can easily replace stones in old jewelry from a junk pile. If someone has too much saphiret jewelry, you need to ask yourself "why?" I've been in business 6 years and have never come across a single piece in the field, though I've seen it online.

Some of her auctions may be sprinkled with genuine pieces, but you can never know with a person who will defraud collectors over and over, even after being found out.

Update: Nov. 3, 2008

Common tasseled bangle now being sold at excessive prices as Haskell.

The latest fake Haskell enterprise has just started on eBay. Some or even most of sellers are probably innocent; in fact when I informed one seller, whose bracelet went for $90, that it is not Haskell, he informed me of another auction where the seller offered the same bracelet as Haskell. Please note that other ebay sellers are usually not the place to get the best information, and misinformation passes from auction to auction in this manner.

All of us has seen this type of bracelet in one form or another. My mother had one; she bought it in the 1960's. Almost all dealers and collectors have seen this thick wire wrap bracelet in various forms:

These tasseled bangle bracelets are NOT HASKELL.

We think the reason for some of this confusion can be linked to the popular costume jewelry book, COSTUME JEWERLY, DK Collector's Guide, by Judith Miller. In that book, you can see a similar bangle on page 222 in her Gallery of Unsigned Pieces as Tasseled Bangle. The accompanying note says "possible Miriam Haskell." The above bracelets, for one thing, are simply knock-offs of the old style heavy bangle this picture depicts:

Notice that even in Judith Miller's book, the blurb says this bangle is possibly Miriam Haskell. It certainly was not depicted in her section on genuine Haskell jewelry, and has since then has been ruled out as Miriam Haskell by experts in the field.

The white glass beads have tiny red veins in them.

Don't be fooled into thinking either of these bangles are Haskell. If you like the style, you don't have to pay $90 for it or even $60 or $70. The older, higher quality bangles, gold plated and made with glass beads, can be very nice; I've seen them with green glass beads and even Italian Millefiori beads. These glass bead tasseled bangles are vintage, possibly 40's but most likely early '60s.


Rebecca Fransway
Nov. 3, 2008

Learn more about Miriam Haskell Jewelry!

Update: October 7, 2008

If you haven't read the main article about Miriam Haskell fakes run rampant, you may read it here, Just as ebay gets rid of the notorious Barbara2025 and Sherajewels (aka Jewelgate) we have another faker selling cheap repros at high prices to those who are still naive about greed and fakery on eBay. Watch out for: princapeshia

How you can tell her Miriam Haskell items are fake:

1. Private auctions

2. All sales final

3. Too much of a rare designer in Mint or Excellent condition.

4.. The jewelry is too good to be true. You will very seldom find that much Haskell in "mint" to excellent condition, as this seller describes her jewels. Not only that, but too many Haskells. There are other signs on the jewelry itself that any Haskell experts can tell you--placement of hang tags, wrong types of pearls and connectors. If you have been unfortunate enough to have made a purchase from this seller, you will probably find that the jewelry is very light weight.

The seller offers other high end items that you should also avoid. I cannot tell you if they are fake or not, but anyone who would go into business purposely making or buying cheap fakes cannot be trusted with any other kind of jewelry either.

Update: Nov. 3rd 2008 princapshia:

The seller princapeshia is now back on ebay selling fake Chanel. In fact, most of the criminal high end fakes dealers have sold this easily made necklace with forged 1981 hang tags. Copied Chanel 1981 hang tags are used, and sellers have made $$thousands by attaching these fake tags to collet set swarovski rhinestone rosary wired chain, which can be purchased new by the yard in various sizes. Or sometimes they get old Swarvoski swan chain necklaces or unsigned knock offs and put the hang tags on them. Since this article has come out, the seller, princapeshia has dumped most of the Haskell for now and is selling fake Chanel. See a picture of the fake 1981 tag:

There may have been other tags made from other years, or even signature plates. But the 1981 hang tag fakes are the most common fake. Anyone can have any tag they want made in this country or overseas and glue it or hang it on knock offs and homemade fakes. Crafters can make these hangtags with metallic polymer clay, which would make them very light compared to metal. If you have any doubt, you might be helped by writing to the company at http://chanel.com/ and click on contact.

Two of princapeshia Chanel fakes:

If you have purchased jewelry recently from this seller, particularly high end jewelry such as Chanel and Haskell (she carries other designer too--all are suspect) you can have it authenticated and if found fake, get your money back. Or simply ask for your money back and report to paypal if the seller refuses. Some of these sellers have been ousted by ebay after reports were filed with the FBI.


Rebecca Fransway
Nov. 3, 2008

Update: August 12, 2008

Latest eBay Scams: Resalebum

One of the worst scammers on ebay, this seller used to be well respected. Don't know what happened to him, but the prices of signed jewelry have become so highthat some folks are tempted to scam their buyers.

If you know rules to follow when looking for legitimate sellers, you already know one of the most important rules: Never buy from any online dealer who has no return policy and who has in their listings the terms "no refunds," "sold as is," "sales final." These and other such terms should send buyers flying. Legitimate sellers stand by their descriptions; they know you can't touch, weigh, or look carefully at jewelry shown only in pictures. Online buying is much different than flea market sales for that reason. An online seller must have a return policy because even the best sellers make mistakes, and the most detailed photos and descriptions can't always be relied upon.

Resale bum has been complained about again and again. He has been caught by experts selling fake Schiaparelli, Trifari, Weiss, and other jewelry that has fake signature plates glued or soldered on the jewelry. Some of these are a different color of metal than the jewels it is applied to; others are cut wrong and/or surrounded by sloppy solder. Some of them can be spotted in his pictures, but many can't be. One unfortunate collector and her friend lost hundreds of $$ to this scammer for Schiaparelli fakes.

In one Weiss auction, the signature shown was an inset to an image for a "Weiss" necklace, and this signature didn't look quite right. Otherwise the necklace looked genuine. So I asked Resale bum to send me an enlargement of the signature on the actual piece of jewelry. He wrote back and said he couldn't because the signature was "clip art." Another victim wrote to me that the Weiss jewelry she ordered from resalebum came in pieces in the package--apparently resalebum had placed the pieces of the necklace into proper position to take the photo. He sold what appeared to be a whole necklace. None of these victims could get their money back through Paypal because the seller had no return policy and has placed the warning "no refunds" in his auction description. I learned this early on--there is no recourse through Paypal with a dealer like this unless you pay an expert more than $100 to write a statement saying the piece is fake or not as described. Most dealers will refund because they care about their feedback rating--but Resalebum doesn't care! See his negatives at toolhaus.org.

Update: March 20

Gotoheloldlady32 Sells Aunt's Collection on eBay Without Permission

eBay seller robinispoor321, now known as gotohelloldlady32, admitted it on camera: that she is scavenging & selling her 81-year-old aunt's lifelong collection of figurines and jewelry-- without permission. Twelve of the most recent auctions are for vintage costume jewelry and beads, scheduled to end starting March 22 to March 30. The victim is an old lady, trapped in a nursing home, who wants to keep the things loved ones have given her throughout the years, so please do not bid on these auctions. Also, there may be an arrest or a lawsuit.

Click on this link and read or watch the video:


After the news story hit on March 19, the seller robinispoor quickly changed her user name to gotohelloldlady32 eBay User ID History

On the eBay community discussion boards, many are now asking: Why aren't her auctions suspended by eBay?

Update: March 9, 2007

Joesbuyingplace. EBay Faker changes Seller ID again
and sends threats via e-mail.

After receiving negative feedback for selling a counterfeit Weiss brooch, the ebay seller jewelsforeverismine made her feedback private and is now selling under the user name joesbuyingplace. See the threatening email she sent to Enchantment for publishing the report on this fraudster:

----- Original Message -----
From: Angie ******
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2007 8:27 PM

Just wanted you to know that whats about to happen to you came from me .What comes around goes around :) Boy do you have it coming good luck you messed with the wrong person.

8:00? 8:25? 8:40? Find a flick in no time
with theYahoo! Search movie showtime shortcut.

No virus found in this incoming message.
Checked by AVG Free Edition.
Version: 7.5.446 / Virus Database: 268.18.7/712 - Release Date: 3/6/2007 3:42 PM

Update: January 29th 2007

eBay user ID: jewelsforeverismine, currently joesbuyingplace.
Prior user names: codyismyman, init4godsake

Fake Trifari Heron/Stork
sold on eBay for $799.

This exact pin is depicted on Rhinestone Rainbow's fakes comparison page.

While it is against eBay's rules to interfere with an auction while it's ongoing, I tried to inform the buyer after the auction, but eBay will no longer allow jewelry friends to write victims of thieves unless they are involved in a transaction.


Jewelsforeverismine, under the username codyismyman, knew the heron/stork was a fake. Investigation of past auctions show that she found the fake heron/stork in a prior eBay listing from an honest seller on eBay who did not know it was a fake. According to this seller, jewelsforeverismine informed her the pin was a fake, then offered to buy it for the $37 she had already bid, so the seller could close the auction and not get into trouble for selling fakes! Then jewelsforeverismine turned around and offered it at auction as a genuine Trifari. As you can see from the auction page, it sold for $799.

She also offered to buy other jewelry for prices up to $40 each, saying they were fake but she was going to keep them. Before even getting the jewelry she put it up on her own auctions, using the other seller's images and descriptions.

Here is some correspondence between jewelsforeverismine (Angie) and the other seller. This is published publically on eBay auction itme 270086488745. Scroll to the bottom of the auction page.

Warning signs that jewelsforeverismine is a seller of fakes:

1. Feedback rating is very low. When you type jewelsforeverismine into the box negative-neutral feedback finder at http://toolhaus.org, you will see that the seller's feedback not only includes warnings of fake designer jewelry, but also the seller has paid to have some of the feedbacks removed. Some of the feedbacks suggest that seller perpetrates other kinds of fraud.

2. Auction policies: Payment due within 24 hours of closing. All sales final. This is so the seller can get payment quickly before buyer has chance to research or be warned. "All sales final" makes it much more difficult to retrieve money from Paypal.

3. Seller uses pictures of child and says "God Bless" in auctions. Unfortunately, these are common ways that fraudulent sellers or sellers of poor items try to build buyer confidence. I am sorry if this offends an innocent seller, but saavy, experienced buyers know that when people give sob stories, exploit their children, or talk about God in their auctions, WATCH OUT.

Update: November 19th 2006
eBay user ID blainerichard

One of the most blatant sellers on eBay offering reproduction classic vintage jewelry is listing the pieces in the Vintage Jewelery Section and mentioning nothing about the fact that these are not originals. This seller username is blainerichard and the eBay store is universalantiquesandjewelry. The seller says:

We Specialize In Designer Costume Jewelry
(ie. Boucher, Coro, Eisenberg, Hobe, Kramer, Lisner,
Sandor, Staret, Trifari, Weinberg of N.Y, & Weiss)

Most of these jewels are reproductions. Naturally, this seller, as well as other sellers of fakes, leaves clues that should alert collectors they are about to be defrauded:

1. Most of the listings offer no images of the backs of the fake jewelry, or doesn't show signatures. (exception: Fake Staret Torch.) Offers no close-ups.

2. In most cases, offers no description of condition or even of the jewel itself, other than what you can see in the picture.

3. Sells the same items over and over.

4. States: All Sales are Final. This should be the kiss of death on any auction, but buyers bite all the time. Don't think that just because you pay with Paypal you can get your money back if the seller lies about what s/he is selling. If you try to dispute "all sales final" or "as is" auctions, Paypal will require you to fax them statements from a third party affirming a jewel is not authentic. In California, a jeweler charges at least $100 for this service.

Czech Uglies: brooch pins, necklaces and other jewelry.

Currently being offered on eBay are large numbers of huge, glittery rhinestone brooches, especially angels, Christmas trees pins, figurals and other huge pieces proclaimed to be vintage Czech jewelry, some signed "Hubar." or "Husar." It is said these are pieces are from a jewelry manufacturer in Jablonec who went bankrupt. Supposedly the huge jewels are from the contents of his warehouse . The trouble is, the pieces being sold are not necessarily old. They look that way because the backs were never plated.

The above is from a sampling of these auctions. This is how jewelry looks before it's plated. The silvery stuff is solder, which is meant to be covered with rhodium, gold or silver or some less expensive alloy.

Most of the sellers in these cases are honest, but ignorant. The pins (I've seen necklaces also) are probably Czech and probably from the fabled warehouse in Jablonec. They may have been stored in that warehouse for a good reason: They were never finished. What's so fascinating is reading how the mess on the backs is explained:

*It does show its age on the back side with discoloration of metal
*The jewelry was reinforced with extra solder.
*The back show the piece's age with metal wear/patina.

And, my personal favorite:
*A back like that proves the brooch is Czech.

Some of these pieces were also left without pinbacks, so you can often find a huge brooch with a small pinback glued on, or a brooch made into a pendant and strung on a chain all wrong for it. Also, you will see many necklaces without the ends finished with clasps. To solve this problem, some dealers add chains and clasps, but they are usually very obvious additions. Or worse, the seller doesn't show the clasp of the necklace. One seller has offered scores of these pieces as rhinestone Christmas ornaments from Czechoslovakia. Several sellers have stopped showing pictures of the backs of these pieces.

While this jewelry might not even be vintage, it is beautiful from the front. Unplated jewelry can be worn that way, or it can be taken out to a jeweler and plated. But a single piece of this jewelry really doesn't merit a cost of more than $10. It is certainly not rare. Boxloads of have been sold out to jobbers, one of whom has a large store in New England where, at one time, he had boxes of this jewelry which he sold for $1 per piece.

To repeat: Never buy antique or vintage costume jewelry online without seeing a detailed photo of the back. Never buy a necklace without seeing not only the back, but also the clasp. If it's a J-hook on one end, make sure the endpiece bead or rhinestone is on the other end.

UPDATE: October 3, 2006
Fake Eisenberg and Lisner on eBay.

As the holidays draw near, counterfeit jewelry clogs the vintage jewelry categories of eBay. If you shop on eBay, you need to watch out for the following:

Fake Lisner Christmas Tree Pins: For awhile, fake Lisner brooches and earrings sets were being offered by the notorious Rhode Island sellers, but these particular fakes pieces never did sell well, because the only Lisner jewelry in high demand are the 1950s & 1960s rhinestone and thermoset jewelry sets, which are too expensive to fake. However, rhinestone Christmas tree pins with fake Lisner and Eisenberg signatures are rampant, often lumped into large lots along with fake Weiss. As far as I know, Lisner made only a few Christmas tree pins, and they are very hard to find. While genuine Eisenberg is being reproduced by the Eisenberg heirs, the jewelry is sold only to authorized dealers. Before you buy an Eisenberg brooch, especially Christmas trees, be sure you know what you are doing and who your dealer is. Two prominent sellers who offer a large number of fakes go by the user names mathermania, who keeps user IDs private and sells almost all fake signature jewelry including Weiss, Lisner, and Eisenberg, mathersmysteries (reported to be a relative of mathermania) and 4urjewelrybox, who offers page upon page of fake Weiss. There are many other sellers of fakes, inlcuding a new one: tomm98

eBay auction photos offering Lisner, Weiss & Eisenberg Ice Christmas Trees, all fakes:

A report has come in concerning other possibly fake Lisner jewelry. A number of mint condition identical Lisner link necklace sets with glass inserts have been reported being coming out of England. Because of the popularity of Lisner in Europe, as well as rising prices in the U.S., the fakery of necklaces sounds plausible. Books on costume jewelry and old Lisner ads rarely show Lisner necklaces & bracelets using glass inserts. More often, Lisner used glass beads for some of their bead necklaces. But their link neckace sets were generally made with metals, rhinestones, and thermoset. An abundance of the same style of glass necklace by "Lisner" should alert buyers to the possibility of counterfeits.

Fake Miriam Haskell Jewelry: The latest report is that there is now much more fake Miriam Haskell jewlery on eBay than genuine Haskell. All sellers of "Miriam Haskell" jewelry on eBay are being investigated. Yahoo and other outlets that allow sellers to have no-return, all-sales-final policies. So far, we have evidence that the following three sellers are frequent sellers of fakes:

Some but not all eBay Sellers suspected of Miriam Haskell fakes:


Private auctions. This seller, well-known for selling fake "Miriam Haskell" also has a website laden with fakes. The seller is also involved with putting fake mass-produced 1981 Chanel hang tags on collet-set crystal jewelry and selling it as genuine Chanel. Coming soon: Photos of fakes this seller has sold, along with enough evidence to forward to the FBI. He also has a website by the same name from which he sells the fakes.
Holds private auctions of Miriam Haskell suspected of being counterfeit.

Good news: This faker has been kicked off eBay at last. But keep on the alert. She could come back under a new username or open up her own web site, as did redefinedvintage.

Fake Miriam Haskell Jewelry: The latest report is that there is now much more fake Miriam Haskell jewlery on eBay than genuine Haskell. Recently, a fake out of Australia sold for $2600 final bid price.

shera_jewels Other user names: jewel_gate
Holds auction after auction of suspect Miriam Haskell jewels. Reproductions may include genuine Haskellcomponents. Private auctions. Our evidence includes buying IDs with records of purchases of components which are later used in the fake Miriam Haskell jewelry.

Update April 2008. This seller has also sold fake Chanel and fake Victorian beaded bags for large sums. She has a number of buyer and seller IDs and switches often from ID to ID. Since being exposed on this Designer Jewelry Alert Page, she abandons IDs as as she begins to get negatives and changes her feedback to private, as she has with the jewel_gate ID. But no matter what ID she hides behind, almost all her offerings are for high end designer jewelry and items that are frequently faked, she is from Australia, and her auctions are set as private in an attempt to thwart investigation.

Good news: On October 2, 2006, eBay made the following announcement:

Members who have private Feedback profiles will no longer be allowed to list items after this change goes into effect. Only members with public Feedback profiles will be permitted to list items. The change is expected to begin October 26, 2006. Of course, that alone will not stop the counterfeiters ripping off eBay buyers, but it does mean these shady sellers won't be able to hide behind private feedback any more.
Good for eBay!

Learn More About Weiss Jewelry! The books just below have large sections about Weiss Jewelry with wonderful photos!

Collecting Costume Jewelry 101, Basics of starting, building & upgrading, Identification and Value Guide

Collecting Costume Jewelry 202 2nd Edition (Collecting Costume Jewelry 202: The Basics of Dating Jewelry)

Collecting Costume Jewelry 303

Signed Beauties Of Costume Jewelry: Identification & Values

Learn More about Miriam Haskell Jewelry! The following book is a labor of love by two top experts on Miriam Haskell jewelry. This is a thick volume with pages and pages of large, clear color images and plenty of teaching text!

Miriam Haskell Jewelry

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